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Adding richness to your trip ”Tokine-no-Yado Yunushi Ichijo”

Adding richness to your trip
”Tokine-no-Yado Yunushi Ichijo”

Famous ”onsen” known as ”Kamasaki for healing wounds”

Kamasaki Onsen is located in the south of Miyagi, and has a history of about 600 years, its foundation dating back to 1428. ”Tokine-no-Yado Yunushi Ichijo” is the oldest ”onsen” inn in this area, and the present owner is the 20th generation. The ancestor of the Ichijo family was a samurai who had served the warlord Yoshimoto Imagawa, who fled to this area after he was defeated at the Battle of Okehazama. When he dipped himself in the hot spring water, his wound healed, so he decided to start a watering place. The hot spring is said to be effective for healing wounds, and has long been familiar with the name ”Kamasaki for healing wounds”.
The inn has two sources; one is ”Medicinal Bath of Ou” with the spring water which wells on site containing sodium chloride and sulfates. The other is ”Bath for Beautiful Skin” also called ”Cave Bath”, with cold spring water of 18℃. You can enjoy two different baths from different sources.

Taste the delicacies of Miyagi in the ”main wooden building of Yunushi Ichijo”

When visiting ”Tokine-no-Yado Yunushi Ichijo”, you will be drawn to the large wooden building. It is the ”Ichijo Main Building” which is the pride of the hotel. This four storied building was built from Taisho to early Meiji period by carpenters who specialize in building temples and shrines. It is a magnificent piece of Japanese architecture, representing the wisdom and aesthetics of previous generations.
When guests arrive at the hotel, they are escorted to the annex in the forest. There, they can enjoy the ”onsen”, and relax in their guest room. At dinner time, an usher guides them over the ”Bridge of Time” into the Ichijo Main Building, where private dining rooms await.
In this luxurious environment, a traditional Japanese course dinner named ”Cuisine of the Woods” is served. The main dish is grilled ”Sendai beef” of the highest grade meat. Fresh ”Miyagino Pork”, raised locally, is served as delicious ”shabu shabu”. And fresh fish is served as aromatic carpaccio. The local ”sake” and a good selection of wine are also pleasing to the palate.

Like the heroin in a movie

”Our guests are like a heroin in a movie who wanders into ”the Forest of Ichijo”, and is treated to the simple hospitality of Tohoku, impressed by the many little experiences that touch the heart. Our heroin returns to reality in a calm state of mind. We’d like to welcome every guest with such a story in mind.” said Tatsuya Ichijo, the 20th generation head of the family. There is a tranquility that can be felt because it is a small but traditional ”onsen” area. Many guests are repeat visitors, attracted by such charm.
Miyagi Prefecture is full of interesting tourist sites. One can follow the history and cultures of the Date and Katakura clan ”samurai”, enjoy the magnificent nature of Zao and Matsushima, and you can choose from a variety of plans according to each season. ”Tokine-no-Yado Yunushi Ichijo” awaits you in the land of Kamasaki Onsen, and enrich your trip even more.


Tokine-no-Yado Yunushi Ichijo
1-48 Kuramoto Aza Kamasaki, Fukuoka, Shiroishi-shi, Miyagi