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Takedao Onsen Koyokan Bettei Azalee – Secret private onsen in Takarazuka

Takedao Onsen Koyokan Bettei Azalee
- Secret private onsen in Takarazuka

Takedao Onsen Koyokan Bettei Azalee
1-47 Izuriha, Tamase, Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture

Villa for perfect relaxation

Surrounded by the mountains of the Rokko, Takedao Onsen is conveniently located for visitors: eight minutes by train from JR Takarazuka Station or about 30 minutes by car or other means of transportation from Osaka. It is said that Naozo Takedao discovered the hot spring when gathering firewood in 1641 after having fled from the enemy as a defeated warrior working for the Toyotomi. The place was named after his family name.

Takedao Onsen Koyokan Bettei Azalee is situated on the hill of the valley by Muko River. It’s a five-minute walk from Takedao Onsen Station. All of the guestrooms are villas with a semi-outdoor bath of hot spring water directly coming from the source. The wheelchair-accessible design of the facilities, and the floor heating system enhance the comfort of the hotel that extends delicate attention to guests.

Lip-smacking food varying by season

The thermal spring water contains sodium, calcium, chloride and radon. This spring quality is uncommon in the Kansai region. Radon helps metabolize neutral fat, cholesterol and excessive sugar and soothes stiffness of the body. It is said to regulate autonomic nervous system and other nerves. The radon content is low, and irritation to the skin is minimal.
Kandagawadojo Saryo Shin offers food supervised by Toshihiko Kandagawa, which is based on local seasonal materials. In the winter, guests can have ”botan nabe” or wild boar hot pot. Enjoy it together with the local ”sake” of Hyogo in this ”sake capital of Japan”. At Kandagawadojo Saryo Shin, visitors can enjoy bathing and a dinner or lunch without having to stay at the hotel.


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