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”Royal Oak Hotel Spa & Gardens” Characterized by the 7 Gardens

”Royal Oak Hotel Spa & Gardens”
Characterized by the 7 Gardens

Greeted by a Beautiful Garden

The sole river that runs from Lake Biwa is the ”Seta River” which becomes the ”Uji River” in Kyoto and ”Yodo River” in Osaka. By the mouth of the ”Seta River” is the ”Royal Oak Hotel Spa & Gardens”.
There are 7 gardens on their grounds, and their 4 buildings are built to surround the gardens. It matches perfectly with Lake Biwa as a high end resort, and their attractive ”gardens” are donned in green. There are 169 guest rooms, their basic rooms are 45〜47㎡ in size with 3m-high ceilings, spacious rooms for relaxation.
For guests interested in more intense resort-life, a more luxurious type room is available. In addition to a calm and modern interior, the room is equipped with a private terrace that overlooks Lake Biwa and also an open-air bath.

Fully Enjoying the Resort

Also available in the adjacent spa and fitness area are: aroma therapy to loosen up the tension that has accumulated from daily stress, herbal medicine applied spa, and body treatments and facial treatments. The fitness area offers exercises and stretching lessons for their fitness members, but guests may also participate and use the facilities by paying an additional 1500 yen.
There are various ways to enjoy staying at the ”Royal Oak Hotel Spa & Gardens”. There are different plans to fit the guests’ needs such as spa plans where guests can enjoy their stay, and access to the spa to satisfy their resort life, or other seasonal plans combined with seasonal tours. Why not check out their internet special promotional plans as well?


Royal Oak Hotel Spa & Gardens
23-1 Kayanoura Otsu-shi Shiga